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The first sketch of episode 10 was one of the strongest sketches this show's done. (This may be partially because it related to the country I'm in. The show airs in September, releases in January, but is subtitled in October. Didn't take that into account, Kigu.) Another jab at the Mouse. Good work from Saori Goto doing the Mickey Mouse-esque voice. So many gags in a short span of time - trade sequences, what makes Halloween work in its country of Origin, Abe Lincoln... and of course, an extended riff on K-ON!. Looking at the DVDs they were trading around - Milky Holmes and Madoka Magica - I can confirm that the Joshiraku girls share my taste in anime.

Can't believe how late to the punchline I am on this one. It's only with this episode that I realize the second sketches have consistently been a "tour of Japan" style deal, this week bringing us to Kabukichou. All it needed was a Argynnis sagana voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa and it would've been complete. Marii's fantasy sequence at the end was a great way to cap off the segment.

The final sketch was alright, with the best moment being Mask's epic leg maneuver. Marii's dentist dance was pure nonsense, but at the same time, I'm used to this sort of nonsense by now.

The first segment made this episode, and there's still three/four more to go. I look forward to seeing how the show tops itself next.
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