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Ichika... being smart? How about considering gundam models from the same series as Hazelle and Advance of Zeta?

Gentarou finally has a stable relationship with both Chifuyu and M. Nadeshiko comes back.

Nadeshiko: Gentarou? Why are you with those women?

Gentarou: Nadeshiko! You're back!

Chifuyu: Um... hello. I'm Orimura Chifuyu.

Nadeshiko: Oh! Nice to meet you. Are you one of Gentarou's friends?

M: Actually, my name is Orimura Madoka and we're both Gentarou's girlfriends/lovers.

Nadeshiko: Is this true? *looks at Gentarou with a scary Yamato Nadeshiko smile while leaking visible cosmic energy*

Gentarou: Nadeshiko? Are you oka- *SPLAT*
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