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Originally Posted by justavisitor View Post
Well I already chose the nicest word I could find to write that sentence...I used the term "discuss" which is a neutral word...and I see ppl talking ranka in movie thread, episode thread, romance thread etc...

Actually, compare my sentence to your "a lot of R-fans giving neg-rep" accusation, which you claimed later that it was a "sarcasm", my sentence is much more mild than your comment, right?

Well, the more I say, the more misunderstanding will occur, bascially, do whatever you want, just behave in a civilised manner and everything will be ok

Well, BetoJR, I already receive a neg-rep this afternoon lol, I am a victim of this system and I won't neg-rep any ppl...don't worry XD
The problem is that you did tell Tak and the others who were disagreeing with you to leave the Ranka forum not because they were being trolls, not because they were starting trouble, but because they were Sheryl fans. This is not the first time you have done this, I should know I've lurked this forum for some time now. The fact that they're Sheryl fans doesn't matter not only because they haven't brought her up but also because right now the subject matter is Ranka not Sheryl. You're the one who made that comment not Tak, and in a conversation that did not include Sheryl too. This is also not the first time that you've used the excuse that they're Sheryl fans to try and discredit them. Don't try to spread the blame when you're the one in the wrong. That's just immature.

So to avoid any misunderstanding in the future why don't you just respond to the replies, instead of clinging to the fact that another person likes a different character.
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