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Originally Posted by Father Hentai View Post
It's just because of TK3997, who can't live with the theory that the Edelweiss was possibly inspired by a German Tank model that did not leave prototype phase.
Aren't you sure it's not the other way around? In that YOU are the person who cannot live without the THEORY that Edelweiss is possibly inspired by a German tank model that never made it to prototype stage.

Prototype means first type; the first example of a new design that will be used to refine the design for mass production - for instance the XM1, the YF-22 and YF-23, X-32 and X-35.
Originally Posted by fallschirmjager View Post
Regardless if it's based off a concept or not it's still going to be the same bloody tank whether you like it or not and I for one love the design of it.

Instead of trying to compare everything from the game, manga and anime to real life, why not just try appreciating it in it's own universe.
*shrug* because certain quarters feel the need to stamp their national pride on the anime. Mind you it's not helped by the fascination Japan has long held with Germany.

Though to be fair, German tanks in WW2 were pimpin'. And they had some good doctrine. The problem was that German engineers overengineered each tank making them expensive and complicated to maintain, and changed the production lines each time a new model was made, so that there was absolutely NO economy of scale and interchangeability of parts. (Unlike say the F-35, which has 75% parts commonality between the A, B and C variants, or the Super Hornet, which has 80% parts commonality with earlier Hornets).
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