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Originally Posted by PzIVf3 View Post
I seen now any modern MBT western tank has no autoloader and the russian was the first introduced the autoloader but somehow remove it maybe there is a major disadvantage of the autoloader what if its get hit and disable there's is no possible can fix it right away with cost and maintenance.
Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
Thats the gists of a autoloader, if it gets damage its gonna take time to fix it. and time usually isn't a luxury in combat.

hehe I still kinda think about the Edel as a modern day MBT thats been taken back to a WWII era war to kick arse

I mentioned before that a Challenger II comes to mind, not that I'm making any real or accurate comparison just saying. All thats needed is the Edel to have its own BV and they we go
Good points, but IMO they're moot: any damage the tank is going to take that would affect the autoloader would undoubtedly also kill the tank, being that the autoloader is protected by the turret armor.
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