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Originally Posted by fallschirmjager View Post
Regardless if it's based off a concept or not it's still going to be the same bloody tank whether you like it or not and I for one love the design of it.

Instead of trying to compare everything from the game, manga and anime to real life, why not just try appreciating it in it's own universe.
Agreed. Some people need to lighten up a bit.

Anyhow, I see elements of the Panther, King Tiger and Panzer III in the design for the Edelweiss with some artistic license thrown in for good measure. I reckon it's about the same level as a Panther, which was a pretty good tank for its time. The steering wheel inside Edelweiss is a pretty neat touch too. The Tiger IE was one of the first tanks that could be driven like a car (albeit a ridiculously huge one).

As another reference to a single tank soloing multiple tanks, look up Ernst Barkmann, and the action known as Barkmann's Corner. It's quite possible to engage multiple tanks given sufficiently good concealment and surrounding terrain to prevent the enemy from outmanoeuvring you. I believe Barkmann is still alive today.
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