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Well, he hasn't killed Asuka (and she died horribly by this point in EoE), whilst Rei has already fused with Lilith. So, for all we know, Rei may get the same end as in EoE whereas Asuka may get a slightly better one.
And him not killing Asuka is supposed to prove he cares for her character?

It's the exact contrary. Her final scenes and death were amazing moments for her character in End of Evangelion. Here she manages to survive thanks to Shinji-sama's interference, but the ramifications of that are completely ignored. Instead of it leading to any new worthwhile direction for her character, she just drools and thanks Shinji as the good dere-dere, inefficient pilot and worthless character she is.

And a better end than in EoE? Seriously? Her end (and Shinji's) in EoE was fantastic, one of the greatest triumphs in the series, for sure. The quality of a character arc's conclusion isn't measured by how "happy" it is. Asuka could end up the healthiest and happiest person on Earth in the manga for all I care, she'd still be an extremely shallow character, light years from her anime self.
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