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Long time I haven't had time to post here ^^

I see there's a bit of talk about a possible deathflag for Takamina. Am I the only one who thought her graduating or dying so Kanata can take her place would be too easy? I mean, she's already declared that she wants Kanata to become a successor badly enough to go break the rules... it woud be super obvious.
Kanata is establishing herself as leader/mother hen of the lead characters, especially Chieri. Plus, she has a baby sister who idolises her and Takamina who wants her to succeed. She's also just declared how she's become more invested in AKB and isn't fixated on revenge anymore. She'd be the perfect candidate to be killed off, if they were going for shock value/emotional impact on the cast.
.... or well, I guess that's what would happen if this was AKB0048 as envisioned by Urobuchi Gen. Kawamori might just be playing it straight, and Takamina will step down for Kanata after some drama.

With regards to the polls, quite expected, though I somehow thought Orine would rank a bit higher. Glad to see Chieri on top, she deserves it. Not surprised Yuka is at the bottom. Since breaking up with her boyfriend, she's been a pain- completely the opposite of what I expected she would be doing. I thought she would be really committed, similar to Chieri, but she's just been whiny.
Happy about Makoto too, you would normally expect characters like her to be at the bottom. Go, Makoto!
She carries the virtue of being having the raw potential of an AKB48 member. Would be nice to know more about her backhistory and where she had come from.
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