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So speaking of the ZERO system, does anyone else like the idea that it had a sort of sentience to it?

Zero was called an "evil" machine in the series, and several times Heero responds to it as if it just told him something telepathically. I know that the Gundam pilots each had an attachment to their Gundams and talked to them like pets, but Heero didn't. He ditched his Gundam at every opportunity and never once showed any remorse for losing it when he destroyed it. He didn't much care about the Zero and let anyone pilot it. So it's very out of character for him to be affectionate with it just for sentimentality like the others.

I wish this was explored more in-depth in the series, or maybe later in GoL. It kinda reminds me of a malevolent version of ALICE.
They play with this multiple times. It goes further then Heero just talking to Zero as we see it's Eye's activiate/power up when no one is in the suit.

Also the big scene in Endless Waltz when Zero powers itself on and stands without Heero doing anything. It's not until Heero moves the thrusters that he actually moves the controlls and given Zero "starts" the talk with Heero and motivates him.

Also Frozen Teardrop has already built in elements with this when it comes to the Cat personality being injected into Wyvern's systems to calm it down. Wether they really persuse this though I tend to doubt but it's certainly something that has been discussed alot and something that both Bandai and other forms of Heero have played with.
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