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Originally Posted by IkuzeMinna View Post
Aw, lurkers are no fun. Say, what do you think of Glory of Losers? The general consensus is that it's pretty dang good, especially compared to FT. What do you say?
i'm enjoying it so far i love the new art, but i haven't been caught up on chapters as of late @_@ i'm slightly skeptical of the changes that have been made, but also a little hopeful that the changes are for the better and might offer more insight into the characters. hopefully.

as for all this zechs and treize talk, i agree that their motives and reasonings have been made quite clear in the series, although we don't have to agree with either of them. in fact, the GW team doesn't agree with either of them anyways, which is why they don't join either side and just fight to save the earth from libra.

god i love this series for making complex, full and round characters. we don't have to like or agree with them, but at least we can understand them. for the most part.
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