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Originally Posted by Libros View Post
when I first read the chapter, I sort of didn't expect Law to 1 shot(?) Vergo. Don't get me wrong, Law seemed strong pre-timeskip but I don't know,..he just didn't seem powerful enough to defeat someone like Vergo in one shot, let alone do what he did to the Island. Either way, where's the Panda and the rest of Law's crew? Either way, this chapter was badass, and so was Law. I didn't really know someone could harden their entire body with Haki though.
Originally Posted by paradox13 View Post
Law is a badass.

I guess Vergo wasn't top tier.. as we saw in the war, top tiers have insane durability and do not get taken out in one shot (Marco, Akainu, etc.. although Jozu may be an exception).

I wonder how much of a fight Smoker would've given Vergo if he was fighting seriously to win.. somehow I see him being able to force a win, although it would've been a huge struggle.. maybe something like Luffy's win against Lucci.
I would say Vergo is still top tier ( or at least fairly strong ) but both he and Donflamingo underestimated Law .
They both thought Law was a punk that Vergo could unfair him like they old days and he was below them .
Vergo ran at him thinking there was nothing he could do instead of playing it smart and he pay the price for it .

Which is why Law said to Donflamingo he was just sitting on his ass thinking he going to remain on top but new generation are about the come for the old one .
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