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Originally Posted by Ken Sanders View Post
Aladdin is the beacon to call upon his Candidate King and Friend, Alibaba. Surely he could recognize the flow of the Magoi.

I wonder if Morg will make her appearance as well. I can't wait!!!

The gathering of the Blue, Red, and Yellow to stop the war!!!
Mor the last time we knew was have Tea with Yunan. Plus we had no flashback or arc in how she spent her time when she left other then taking and having tea with Yunan so it would suck if she would to randomly appear in this war not only that how would she if is so unknown to us to get back from the dark continent when the last time we hear was a one way trip.

Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
I want to see ShotaMagi vs LoliMage...then maybe at some point BishounenMagi and YankeeMagi can join in and we'll have an all Fetish Magi battle!
That would be suck a good fight. Pllllllluus if that was to happen you would think a way battle would insure with ShotaMagi vs LoliMagi vs Judel once Kou enters the fight. Which one is BishounenMagi and YankeeMagi?

Either way seeing how the fight is dragging on as we still yet to see the other 2 metal users go into battle plllus Kou army is most likely drawing in and who knows how many of their users would be coming how will the war end? Because either way one side of this 3 way war will end up losing. Also the chapter confirms that even a half fanalist doesn't have that much magoi compared to a normal person maybe a bit more then a pure fanalist.
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