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Originally Posted by Gene098 View Post
I don't understand what you gys are saying "potentially" leaving.
You said Asia, Zenovia, and Koneko have the potential to leave Rias' group.
But to me they seem like the least likely to leave the group, so I'm not getting what you guys mean by "potentially leaving"

What do you mean she already used her 8 pawns?
If the person who held the piece dies, they are reusable right? So what do you mean she already used her pawns?
potentially leaving as in leaving rias and joining issei

and no pawns will be accepted other then issei he is the only pawn for her.

Impassive Harlequin@I think either Tiamat or a chibi draig shoud become his familiar(Tiamat was already forshadowed for this anyway)

and to me ophis is to humanoid to become a familiar and since shes basically guarenteed to lose A LOT of power resurrecting issei she could be his queen

the oter option is her dying since she could take out gods at full power she woulden't be able to be part of his harem which i'm sure no none whants her to die.(she'd be to strong to be an ally if she doesen't lose her power)
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