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Originally Posted by Nightmare637 View Post
Akeno will probably be promoted along with issei and kiba so i diden't include her
Personally, even after promotion, I think Akeno would be more interested in being Ise's Queen than managing her own group, but I doubt Rias would agree to the trade.

Originally Posted by Gene098 View Post
Thanks that makes me feel better and more confident that it won't,
But the possibility is always haunting me there,
I mean a time will come when that happens and they will have tog et their own pieces and I'm pretty sure not all the girls will have all girl groups....

And you talk about Asia, Ravel, Zenovia, and Koneko but where is Akeno?
Well anyway I don't see how this pertains to the discussion at hand because even though they may join Ise's group it doesn't mean they won't have their own group.

I'm not saying all this depressing stuff because I want it to happen but because I want to stay the possibilities and try to eliminate all the and ones with you guys.
I think you're misunderstanding something about the master-servant relationship. In general, it should be professional like Rias and Kiba or between Sairaorg and his Queen. I'd think cases like Raiser's harem, or between Rias and Ise, are the exceptions rather than the rule. And not all high class devils are interested in managing their own groups and participating in the Rating Game. Take Grayfia for instance, or Ravel's mother.

I should emphasize again that just because Ise can begin his own group if he promotes, doesn't mean he will start a new group immediately.

Since Rias has her sights on Emperor Belial in the Rating Game, I don't think Ise is going to start his own group (and partially absorb Rias' group in the process) until he completes Rias' dreams of succeeding in the Rating Game. Then Rias can sit back and relax and raise kids while Ise sets off on his harem king dream of creating a harem that won't lose to anyone in the Rating Game. Though this seems such a long journey it sounds like it is going a bit beyond "High School" DxD.
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