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Originally Posted by zgmf-x19a
Actually, saying "poor Shirou" is really not the right way to put things..

As you can see, Shirou is perfectly fine with how things are -- I'm sure ideally he would want Sabre by his side but as shown in the ending, he did accept how things were and.. like many other anime of this sort, accept the future with a sort of affirmation, willing to move forward but never forgetting the past (and her).

You see this in Tsukihime and Escaflowne (I mention Esca again because the conditions of the parting are quite similar), where the protagonists do... look forward.

This sort of story-telling is very typical of Japanese, almost perfectly encapsulating the sentimental dimension of asians. There is a bitter-sweet sort of happiness where the lovers, despite separated by time (Fate/Stay Night), distance (Planetes), worlds (Tsukihime, Esca), mortality (AIR)... move on with their lives while tightly holding the memories of the person in their hearts. It's really a very asian sort of sentimentality, and I'm not dissing Western culture in any of this. For some reason, the Japanese really like bitter-sweetness in their stories.

While this will run the risk of being unrelated, I'll post the lyrics of "Yubiwa", the ending song of Escaflowne the movie, along with some minor commentary at the end from me. This is because I really think the sort of attitude displayed by Shirou in this final episode.. .. ... I mean, your (and I mean any of you out there) understanding of it could well be enriched by it.

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