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Originally Posted by charlog
This last episode was really awesome, it's strange, I thought that i'd be more disappointed not seeing UBW, but after seeing how that episode goes, I have nothing to add ... I really loved the scene, when Gil put his hand on Saber's cheek , he's just so cool Anyway can we still hope for something more ? Like OVA ? Or did Type Moon definitely closed all the possibilities ?
Besides the graphics were just wonderful, they put all the money they saved it that episode lol, Hope they'll make us something more ...

One of the best anime this year for me ...
Close the possibilities? My ass! Saber's sleeping under a tree even in present day! Just find Avalon (or image it, hint hint!) and whack her on her antenna with it to wake her up! Just don't whack the antenna off, or else! I think the ending here is incomplete. Because what we don't see is Rin and Shirou going over to England to make sure Saber sleeps in a fluffy sleeping bag with her lion plushy instead of under a tree getting her beautiful head rained on for 1500 years.

Edit @ Senigata: Rin would try to keep Saber for herself, but then she'd wind up joining Shirou back at his house anyway because she and he love Saber so much. And who says Saber can't have both of them for herself, or Shirou have both, or Rin have both? O_o...they seem to all love each other very much. I wonder if Shirou will realize that Saber is still alive and IN THE WORLD...
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