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Originally Posted by PreSage View Post

Oh so your sig is from DRRR too? LOL. I so need (want) to watch this series soon. I may just take next weekend off and do that. I feel so deprived of anime right now.
My current sig, no, its from FMA:B but literally I just changed it the other day. If you look in the SOTM Mar thread youll see the render I had since I used the same one for my entry. Also it might be in my Sig thread as well.

I saw Tinypic while browsing but I wasn't too sure how trustworthy that site is. Good to know that you recommend it. Will try.
Its good and bad, I mean its nice that you get a lot of space to upload but I dont like it that you can save the file names to what you want like in PB but you take the good with the meh. Overall I like it and havent had any bandwith probs like I do with PB.

Guess what? Another DRRR sig! It's Izaya this time.

O____O *insert wild fangirling*

btw love your icon, I cant wait for the anime to start!
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