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First attempt at animating falling sakura petals. I was asked how I animated the petals: well, what I did was used a brush for a single petal. In a new transparent layer, brush on a petal at the top edge of the sig - so it looks like the petals are just about to enter the sig. Create a new transparent layer, using the same brush, paint on a petal, then move the layer to position the petal lower and at an angle to the first petal in the direction the wind blows. Repeat this with one petal on a new transparent layer and each time move the petal to a lower position. The more layers, and the closer the petals are, will give a smoother animation. For animation, show only one layer with a petal per frame - set the animation to a frame rate you want the petal to fall. Do this with different size petals and in different positions, put it all together and voila! Falling sakura. I hope that makes sense. To have the petals rotate as they fall, simply rotate the layers with each petal. You can also have more than one petal per layer - just be careful it looks like they're falling randomly.
Man, the animation part Im fine with since Ive done it before but the painting of the sakura just...I dont think Id have the patience for that Looks very nice though. Plus Saito = win.
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