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Originally Posted by UsagiTenpura View Post
Then it came out, and I started to feel doubt. What's the point of making an arc that's nearly entirely a troll right next to the end? Suppose nearly everything in arc 7 is wrong, then once arc 8 comes out and tells the real story, what'll be the worth left of arc 7? Basically there has to be a purpose of arc 7 that remains true to the whole story. I guess, if that's the case and my supposition isn't wrong it's probably to show us the "equation that leads to disaster".
I can tell you how I see it. Whether there's any truth in it is an open question, but for what it's worth.

Episode 7 is meant to be an object lesson about what it means to "have love" -- for the author, the characters, and the story. As such, it is the most important episode in the entire series, even though it contains little to no new information, and what it does contain is extremely misleading or an outright lie. It is specifically assembled from fan theories and written up in a typical Ryukishi style which makes it feel acceptable. It also selects those theories in such a fashion as to push the highest possible amount of emotional, ideological and spiritual buttons. There is, in fact, a chance that some of these theories were seeded by Ryukishi himself to make that object lesson, (see "OZ" earlier up the thread) though that's speculation, to be honest.
  • You consider incest abhorrent? Here, Kinzo does it, and almost becomes the sin collector.
  • You consider a maiden passively wishing to be saved when she is actually free to leave at any moment or seek a solution on her own an inappropriate ideal in this day and age? Here, have Shkanontrice. You want your love story to be warm and sweet, even if it's ending is sad? Here, have a story of obsession that cannot be in all honesty called sane.
  • You want at least one successful relationship? Here, have a few torpedoes for your ship. Actually, have a torpedo for every single one.
  • You want your culprit to be a calculating, rational individual, impressive through the virtue of great intellect and meticulous planning? Here, have Kyrie, heretofore portrayed as the most meticulous and calculating, go on an insane sadistic rampage for no apparent logical reason. You dislike melodrama? Have characters talking to corpses and practising maniacal laugher up the wazoo.
  • You want justice? Have Eva turn out to be the noble survivor corrupted by her own nobility into a monster.
  • You consider it a blasphemy to equate the magic of humans accepting other humans with the value of gold? Here, the episode has it too. Several times along the way.
  • You want a happy ending? Here, fuck you, This story won't have a happy ending!
  • And if that wasn't enough, have the character who's been positioned as representing you, Bernkastel, laugh in your face and trample the most classicaly heroic character presented so far.
Pardon the verbiage.

The episode is deliberately designed to attack everything that someone might hold dear, targeting as wide a range as possible. The narration even comments on how well it all fits, hoping that we'll take it as the sign that this is all it. If you don't rebel after all that, you don't deserve to have the solution, because you have not really been thinking.

Of course, the above is just my opinion. But if my opinion is wrong, Ryukishi is committing a knowingly evil act.
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