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Originally Posted by Galaxian View Post
The Rex Tillerson saga continues with Trump saying about the whole "moron" incident during an interview to Forbes:

Later, Trump went off to misspell the word "little" in a tweet attacking Senator Corker...
well after the "covefefe" everyonje any will know who's smart you don't need to be a genius to see it or even maybe "dumb".

A big potence like USA in the "little hands of one of the most dumb rich peoples to currently exist in the world, don't forget we still are at 10 months, USA still have 3 years and 2 months without countinf the re-election" which will be a "almost 100% guaranted since american love to "re-elect" the currently one no matter how terrible he can be, this means a really long long way for more USA embarrasiment, a third world war and maybe if trump keep doing trump things we can see usa leaving the ONU and others things and becoming a second "china" with a totally isolationist police with a whole country being surrounded by a big wall to sepparate USA for the world, because "America first"!!!, you know trump things.
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