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I am not against the idea of gathering all 31 girls for a final battle, with each getting an awesome moment against the final enemy. As a matter of fact, I believe it's a brilliant idea.


It must feel like the characters have earned it first. It must be the payoff to a very carefully set buildup through a very long time, after developing each girl into truly capable partners through a long, rich story. It's the kind of story you could pull off in a very long and epic manga or even anime, although it'll take a lot of talent, effort and dedication, but it's not really the sort of thing you can hammer down at the tail end of 12 or even 26 episodes of anything. You literally have more characters than episodes left to develop them, f'r Pete's sake.

Something like the Justice League Unlimited animated series made it work, with each superhero getting a fairly cool moment or two in a major climax... which was literally the payoff to years of cartoons set in the same universe starring Batman, Superman, and then the rest of the Justice League, through epic stories fleshing most characters out and even giving secondaries things to do and moments to shine before throwing them all together for the finale.
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