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To be honest I wouldn't have wanted another story set in the same universe UNTIL the Negima story had been finished properly. After that, yeah, well, sure, move along with something else altogether new. But I don't think it's fair to your longtime readers keeping using the same universe while denying them the resolution to the previous thing you'd written. At that point the 'I couldn't use this setting anymore because the company...' defense just loses any weight and it's clear you just dropped the whole previous series on your own. And then why shouldn't I think you'd likely just do the same thing all over again?

Oh yeah. The bit where black silhouette of Touta springs up on us on yellow background which then fills the whites of his eyes is the stuff of nightmares. Who AUTHORIZED that thing?!?
I have no real problems with most of the opening, but the bit where Touta is smashed against the huge pink heart shattering it just makes me cringe. Not only it makes Eva look like Narusegawa in disguise, but there's something to it that is just too grating and cheesy to me.
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