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Originally Posted by NapoleonDeCheese View Post
To be honest I wouldn't have wanted another story set in the same universe UNTIL the Negima story had been finished properly. After that, yeah, well, sure, move along with something else altogether new. But I don't think it's fair to your longtime readers keeping using the same universe while denying them the resolution to the previous thing you'd written. At that point the 'I couldn't use this setting anymore because the company...' defense just loses any weight and it's clear you just dropped the whole previous series on your own. And then why shouldn't I think you'd likely just do the same thing all over again?
Eh? That was the explanation for UQ? that he couldn't use the same setting? But it was blatantly set in the same worl... you mean the same setting as in Child Teacher in High School?
In any case once Negima was dropped, we were unlikely to get any proper conclusion. Frankly those couple chapters in UQ is probably the best we'll ever have, and even though I loved them, they kinda felt out of place for quite a bit of reasons. But then again this arc is hardly over in manga.

Originally Posted by TnAdct1 View Post
Actually, I was referring to the OP to the Xebec version of Negima.

That OP was definitely forcing the 31 student aspect down our throats (and don't get me started on the beach volleyball scene).
Whoopsy daisy. The only Negima OP I kinda remember is the stacked tables one that felt like it went on for waay too long, and reduced all characters to numbers.

Originally Posted by chaos_animagic View Post
As I've said all the way back when episode 1 started.

This entire UQ Holder series is about closure to Negima.

It's funny how ppls are still discussing old characters appearing like they're surprised.

Tho... ep 12's change is kinda weird... even for a closure...

Wonder if they'll still have a season 2 (especially with some reveals not yet shown in this season) - such as Yukihime saying "you're 500 years too late".

Tota had to meet with someone first before Yukihime said that.
UQ Holder being closure to Negima?!?
...I kinda fail to see how...
It doesn't actually address the questions about how actual Negima ended coz this is an AU. Well if you discount couple chapters that happen 100+ chapters in. And pretty much until the whole Negi fight bit, it had been doing it's own thing, mostly dealing with immortals and Eve. And if you are talking of the Anime version, then DEFINITELY NO, since Negima characters, apart from a flash back here or there, are largely absent from it untill the end where... well you know my complaints about the whole Negi antagonist bit. In fact of course people are surprised about Negima characters appearing when for the first place they should be long gone except couple immortals or REALLY old people here and there. But again this might be more suitable for the manga thread.

Episode 12 is like 0 in closure. Negi is still possessed, only now Ialda has Asuna... SOMEHOW (which is still true in manga). How is that closure?!?

The 500 years comment is another one of the comments that only make sense if spoken in the manga verse not in this Anime AU, and of course just transplanting it straight into the anime makes it feel completely out of context.

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