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Originally Posted by Freeter View Post
Either the providers got fed up with that crappy song and replaced it, or the fan backlash was too much for Sunrise to handle
CP-Raws actually has the OP by Jinn. TriumphRaws has the old OP. Possibilities are that:
(1) TriumphRaws dislikes the new OP thereby replace it with the old OP but redoing some of the animations. Visit youtube to see what people had done for the new OP...
(2) CP-Raws likes the OP by Jinn therefore replace the "new" OP.

Since replacing a new OP with old OP has rarely (and probably never) happened before, I'm leaning toward the first assumption. Also the fact that they already put in money on the new OP and with their CDs releasing soon... I don't think they'll change it now. It's just an OP anyway... as long as they don't spoil Code Geass at the end...
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