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Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
well yea that i know...but that turned into obsession and then into love

but thinking about it CC giving mao geass at such a young age must have screwed up his mind...maybe he just couldnt handle the power of geass being so young which drove him a bit crazy causing CC to leave...she made a mistake no doubt ~
Probably more on the lines that CC was more or less emotionally or romantically attached to Mao. Or at least was very close to him. At least where Quina has stated.

Hence, the reason why CC was so....I dunno, isolated(Not letting out alot) and uncompassionate. That and the part where CC is walking down the campus and remembers all of the nice things Lelouch has said to her in which she replies, "I won't make the same mistake again."

If Lulu knew that Shirley had known about his identify, what about Viletta?

Shouldn't Lulu be on a hunting spree for Viletta because she know his identity? And she can't be geassed.
I haven't seen the episode yet but I highly doubt Viletta is in any condition to do such a thing. Plus, she doesn't know his name and since she'll be with Ougi(Who I assume is going to be keeping her under the radar), I doubt she'll get the chance to do anything major. This is interesting though, instead of axing off characters, their putting them on ice for future developments. And Lelouch knows that other person was shot so a high chance that he/she is dead(To him anyways). Plus, he's got bigger issues to deal with.

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