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Originally Posted by robinmbers View Post
yeah, A school setting was a no brainer considering we are talking about Erebonian here and it will not be VC 2 level
Well what should I tell you? I fully expected that there will be an academy setting when we reach Erebonia. Erebonia is the Harmonia of Kiseki. I was 99% sure that it will be a military academy, elite school or something similar wether you believe it or not. Ao even implied this setting as far as I remember.

And it will be not VC 2. It is a main part of the Kiseki series. The strengh of the Kiseki series was always story and character interaction and we already have five games (six if you count Nayuta) to prove it. No way will they screw up this setting out of all places.

I have high hopes for this game and will be mad if they disappoint
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