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Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
But how did the Soviets know a few months ago about the testing of the weapon in their area?

And how were they planning on getting the weapon out since the BETA crashed in on the base pretty quickly?
I think in the episode, it was mentioned that the underground attack occurred only a month ago. It takes time to request for the Soviets to allow testing in the frontlines, so I'm sure the Soviets had enough time to strategize a general plan of attack.

They already figured out the schedule and pattern of the Beta attacks, so they at least had a general idea. The finer details were probably worked out in the past week or so, deliberately getting the maintenance on the weapon done right at the scheduled Beta attacks they knew about.

It seems like the Soviets had the plan and schedules of everything drawn out, and things were working well, until Yui tried to defy their plans.
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