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Originally Posted by SoloPanda View Post
You mean the shock they will get when he brings home a grown man, a loli, and a smaller loli? I think it will be fine if he can keep her under control, or just keep her from going out of control.
Well yes I believe that would be enough especially because Furuichi's little sister may take a great liking to Lucifer.
Originally Posted by J4n1 View Post
Well, that was a lame start of darkness.
I hate when the "villain" has some weak ass excuse for why the world is so horrible and they are justified in what they do.
It is common thing for villains to justify their actions. Though every single time that these villains appear a hero or somebody will knock them down a peg.
Originally Posted by Richocet View Post
Well looking at the chapter there doesn't seem to be any sort of bad blood b/w the two and she did hurt most of his family plus when he said that he cant let her out I can only interpret as to gis emotions
Well not bad blood but isolation he put himself and Lucifer. Imagine if Oga wasn't the first person that Baby Beel met and instead a group of normal people, if he gets mad and release his electric shock it will probably cause the same thing that Lucifer did which is critical damage.

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