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He saving that for the climax where he then proceeds to get away thansk to the solomon company. and letting Furuichi live as thanks for giving him a good fight while Oga lays on the floor beaten and blooded.

I do like how the box that Lucifer was in was marked as 2. Soo could it be there is a 1. Plus how does someone like Lucifer who is able to battle the demon lord become a tool for a human? Unless Taka was a very strong one? Which he does look like it.
I really don't think Oga will lose to Takamiya. Of course he is very strong because he got the longer experience, but Oga got the bond. It would be interesting if there is a missing part of Lucifer (who knows maybe that is the one who will attach to Furuichi). Though I am more incline to believe that Satan is the Demon attaching to Fuji. It kind of makes sense. Beelzebub, Lucifer, and Satan are all rulers of Hell, but depends on which Mythical Book you read from.
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