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Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
The reactions I gather from those responses are very weird.

Its normal for people to like one but dislike the other. But its weird when both sides are complaining of bad animation and graphics for one and decent for the other.

I don't really care about the graphics and animation, they're not supposed to look like they are for HD tv or something, but rather a style to work with the gags.

The best bits for me was Imouto Drill Kick and the concept of getting into dreams and getting out of. Churuya-san didn't work as well for me but I like her she gets strapped on with the seat belts.
For me it is not really the technical aspect. It's how the animated versions keep or lose from their printed versions. IMO, Churuya-san just suffered the most. Then again, it is a gimmick 4koma as in Churuya grab someone's attention, that someone turns to her, she said something, the guy or the girl bluntly answer, nyoro~n. Of course, there are variations on the situation but it is one gimmick that worked so well it got lots of parodies (even House).

I wonder how Eretto received it.
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