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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
1) it is something around the line of a family tree
2) there are things that can go up and down on it
3) you can find it in an atlas
4) it goes through a village, or many villages (whatever "village" means)
5) it has a connection with the sea (whatever "sea" means)
6) it is not a river
I tried the family tree thing and found, after days of research, it's a dead end (I could not get past the 'shore'). It's definitely not the family tree in my opinion.

I looked at a general map of Japan via Google Maps, and the only things I could see going up and down are:
Spoiler for working off assumption:
Beyond the above speculation I have not found or figured out what the 'village' (里) is, so I'm stuck again.
Originally Posted by chounokoe View Post
The problem with that is, that many things may have been wiped of maps and heavily refurbished since then...and we have to consider that Eva may have looked it up in an Atlas that went back to Kinzo's youth, which would again be totally different as even the heavy refurbishment through the Americans did not yet happen.
If anyone knows a good site that collects older maps, I think we would all be a bit happier.
Indeed, I'm going to try checking with the local and university libraries to see if they have an older map of Japan. Google is being too helpful. Every time I try to search for 'kyou' (郷) or 'village' (里), it keeps directing me to nursing homes ('Roujin Home: _____ no Kyou/Sato)'.
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