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Hmmm. The line of reasoning being used right now would suggest people are to be looking for a place on a map.

This would seem incorrect. Using the wordplay to find a path of words on a map leading to something that is the "key" to the Golden Land. Also the key to "their youth". Whatever the word or item is, it would seem to point to a location of the island itself where the gold is hidden, even though the altas would not be pointing to the island at all. It also must be something that, in retrospect, is obvious, since Eva sort of clicked on it as soon as she saw the word/location on the altas.

Thus it must be something relatively simply...once one knows where to look. It also must be somewhere on the island...since Eva can't leave the island.

"The 'shore' the two will tell you of"? What does this get anyone? 千丘
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