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Mikuru's always been rather scared of Yuki actually. Whether it's because they're fairly opposite in terms of actually being (compare Mikuru's helpless, hapless overly emotion status to Yuki's composed, near omnipotent for most intents and purposes one)

There's also fan theories (when are there not) that Mikuru, if she is indeed acting, is scared of Yuki because Yuki can easily see through the act. She's also scared of the ITDE, because even advanced as the time travellers are, they've got nothing on Yuki's faction.

A lot of people interpret her "I see" comment as one of resignation that she has to get further involved. She probably knew that Yuki was a representative of a competing faction, so simply by being in close proximity to Haruhi, Yuki has gained an advantage. If not for that, Mikuru might have actually said no - whether Haruhi would have taken no for an answer is of course a different matter, but it was the fact that Mikuru had to match Yuki's involvement that pretty much sealed her membership into the club.
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