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As far as Kyon's last name goes, all we can really assume is that it alphabetically comes shortly before Taniguchi. The only named persons in the room in the novels are Suzimiya, Taniguchi, Asakura, Kunikida, and Sakanaka. None of the girls come into consideration, and we know he sat in front of Taniguchi (who sat directly behind Haruhi). Since we don't know whether Tanigawa ever told KyoAni or Kadokawa what Kyon's real name is, or even if he knew at that time (he's stated before that he didn't know what Kyon's name is, but has since said he does have a name in mind), we can't take KyoAni's usage of naming as novel canon. And since, if he ever does decide to name Kyon, and they ever do decide to animate it, whatever ends up as his name in the novels is going to trump whatever KyoAni had in mind for the anime (which probably was Tanigawa).

That's assuming Kyon ever gets a name. I'm perfectly fine with him being Kyon even after the series is over. In fact, I'd prefer it. I'd rather it never be revealed, even outside of the series.

Primarily because any time some nicknamed character gets a real name revealed right before the grand finale of a work, you always have some jackholes who decide to call him that for the rest of ever just because they think it makes them look more important. They usually use some kind of lame excuse like "Well, that's his name..." Blah blah...

Case in pont: What would your reaction be to anyone who continuously refers to Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. once you find out that they're talking about the person you know as "Indiana"?


"But 'Indiana' is the dog's name..." *smack!*

Kyon's name is Kyon and will always be Kyon, even if Tanigawa decides to reveal his birth name.
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