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Some questions

Hi guys, i am new to this forum. I started watching index a few months ago and I found out that it was a good anime to watch. I am a Naruto, One piece and bleach fan, but i was looking for a new anime to watch and i learned about index and railgun on youtube. Here are my questions.

1.(Possible spoilers for those who have not read the novels) After the light novels concluded, Touma was lost at the bottom of the sea and the series ended. Did the series end for good, or is the author of the manga taking a break before he starts working on series 3? Because if the story ends with Touma's disappearance, it is pretty stupid because a lot of things have not been told yet, like possible romances or even new espers. However, if there was a 3rd season about Touma being rescued from the ocean, this would open up new possibilities and new stories. We would see more mages and espers with incredible abilities and who knows? if the author was willing, we could see another boy with an imagine breaker just like Touma's. Will the author be doing a series 3? or will the series conclude like the light novels? Because i want index to continue running and I don't want it to end on a bad note.

2. Forgive me if i am wrong, but is it possible that there are more powerful espers outside of academy city? I know that accelerator is the strongest esper in academy city. However, is it plausible to say that there could be even stronger adult espers outside of academy city, who might be level 6s?

3. Is it right to say that Touma's imagine breaker works like superman's invulnerability? Whenever Touma uses his right hand. no magical or supernatural powers work on him, except for physical attacks. Is it wrong to say that Touma's so called "kryptonite" is normal physical attacks?

4. Could another imagine breaker exist?

These are my questions. Forgive me for such a long post, but i have been wanting to get these questions off my chest for a long time.
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