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[QUOTE=I_am_Kami;3401716]Question questions.

1)I dont know where u get season 3 from in the novels but yes they are continuing someone posted in on of the threads the novels is coming in march. Mind you the novels come out usually 3-4 months. The author is doing this to keep index know to the community. Ex. he released V.22 on the day index season 2 came out.[/COLOR]

I thought the manga series had ended with novel 22, so maybe that was why i was confused as to whether there would be a season 3 or not. I just realized, thanks to you that the novels take very long to come out, so i could have mistaken it for the end of the manga series. I was expecting Index to be like naruto or bleach, where an issue came out every week, but i was wrong.

2)No one know if there are stronger espers or not. Can be a possibility but they have to be as u say level 6 strong though i think they are keeping quiet about it or A.C scientists would be on their L.6 dick. Actually i'll say no cuz then scientist wouldn't have tried the L.6 shift on accelerator.

However, wouldn't it be weird that in all the years of esper developments in as well as out of academy city, there was no adult capable of reaching level 6? There are definitely more espers out there in real life, so why is it so far-fetched to say that there could be espers outside of academy city who are even bigger monsters than accelerator. Maybe, the scientists tried the level 6 shift because they were aware of other espers who had reached that level and they were looking forward to emulating them? Then again, this is purely my speculation as the guy would have to be either 200 years old or he would have had to kill a heckload of level 5s.

4)I think i read somewhere there can't be 2 a the same time. It also can't be used by anyone else other than touma.

Aw man, i was hoping that this wasn't true. However, it would have been cool if there was a second imagine breaker in existence. I know that Kuroko and that level 4 teleportation esper she fought both have teleportation abilities.
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