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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Heh, you're fine to think that, but I admit I can't see that. I don't see him anymore evil as a bear killing a cat because he's hungry; he's taking steps to procure sustenance. I can understand his point of view on it, because people would be bothered to learn how he eats. And he's simply feeding on witches, something that is feeding on humans. It's more of a symbiotic relationship.

Now, if he forced things into motion when he had alternate methods of feeding, then I'd see his actions as darker. But if he's merely taking advantage of situations that already exist, then he's amoral.
I agree with this. What would be the alternative for him? Letting himself die? If he's simply trying to survive, he's selfish and amoral, but not necessarily evil. If he has more hidden plans, we'll have to wait and see.

So far he's just an antagonist, but I doubt he'll be the Big Bad. What Homura mentioned is quite interesting, I wonder what it has to do with the dream sequence...
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