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*shrug* It depends what you base your notion of morality on.

Is a guy flying a passenger jet into the WTC, killing thousands of people evil? Hey, he's waging war against a godless enemy. Is a drug dealer handing heroin to schoolkids evil? Hey, he's wiring money to his sick grandma elsewhere. So what's to be said against a mascot who's deceiving naive kids to sign a contract, turning them into lichs who are slaving for him, pulling every nasty trick in the book to get what he wants? Where the kids are living on borrowed time and can safely be expected not to die on their deathbed?

With this wishy-washy relativist mindset, there's no such thing as evil people at all. EVERYTHING becomes explicable and excusable. At least, in this episode, for the first time QB let some exasperation show at the limitless naivite of Madoka, but also of all other MGs. For me, to let "evil" keep any kind of meaning, you've got to consider

1) What people are doing
2) What the results of their deeds are
3) How they justify what is happening

And if you do that with QB, and still believe that he's doing this to protect the world and its people from harm, and to fight for love and justice... then you should RUSH to see the furry bastard. He's got a great offer for you ... and Darwin will nod at you gratefully for caring about the human gene pool.
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