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Originally Posted by blitz1/2 View Post
We need a index/madoka crossover fic NOW, with all the increase in Touma with Madoka characters (and you know a certain beat up Kyuubee)
Well I wrote a quick short story about Toma facing off with Kyuube.

Note: I'm not that great of a writer so please excuse me if any of it needs some fine tuning or an over all...

The cool night air howled over the buildings while the last light of the moon started to eclipse by the dark clouds above as Kyuube sat on the ledge looking out high above the illuminated metropolis. At that moment Kamijo Toma burst threw the door leading to the roof of the old clock tower it's hands slowly ticking away to midnight which would signal the beginning of sacred ceremony of Walpurgis Night.

Beads of sweat rolled down Toma's face as he pants to catch his breath. "So, You've finally arrived...Kamijo Toma." Kyuube said, slowly as he turned to face the young man his glowing red eyes pierced the shadows. "It's a shame your too late Walpurgis Night will soon begin and then..." However before being able the to finish his sentence Toma ground his teeth and histed."How dare you!" Kyuube meeting Toma's gaze as he steps into the small patch of moonlight. "Now Kamijo Toma tell me exactly what have I to you in order to receive such hostility? a matter of fact as fare as I can tell you have nothing to gain or lose from this situation." Silents fell between then neither breaking his glaze from the other.

After a few intense seconds Toma closing his eyes and smiled while letting out a sigh "You're right I have nothing to gain or lose..However!" As his voice deepened and eyes began to burn with an intensity that would melt the strongest steel. "What you have done to these young girls is unforgivable!" Clinching his fists he continued. "It sickens me...Twisting their hopes and dreams for your own selfish gains, Promising them the world then leaving them with nothing, and walking away like you are not at fault!" Toma started walking slowly toward mystical creature. "They deserve grow up happy and health yet you show not one bit of remorse trapping them with your lies and for the crimes you have there will be no mercy...I will destroy your sick illusions!"
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