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Strike Witches OVA (Mecha Musume)

(i copy the image and uploaded to a photodump account so i won't be leeching... technically xD)

I don't believe many people would be familiar with this new show which should premiere on 8-11-006 according to the main website.


If you are a figure collector, you most likely know about the Mecha Musume vol 1 and vol 2 figures. (By the way, Vol 2 repaint version is on its way out).

Vol 1: (Out of Print)
Vol 2: (Out of Print i believe)
Vol 2:: Repaint:: (Due to be released)

(Yesh. i personally want the repaints also... but i digress)

These figures are very popular and are rare, if not hard, to find. Getting a full set of these figures is hard, since there are several variants of different figures. A full Vol 2 consists of 8 figures +1 secret, 5 is the normal set.

If you want better idea of the quality and details of the figures, click here. I'm guessing due to the popularity of these figures, they have finally gotten their own anime series. Last time i heard, Gonzo was doing the animation for it.

Official Summary/Blurb of this show in Engrish: "The world had received the attack from the existence of the mystery that appeared suddenly. Only girls who have magic can fight against them. They install arms in an own body, and fight in the sky, the land, and the sea. Fights of girls who defend the world start now."

I wonder how an anime based of figures are going to be like. Will Gonzo succeed in a good story with their amazing animation? ... I wonder... can't wait!


Anime Premieres 8-11-06
Based off Figures ( I think... correct me if i'm wrong)
Studio: Gonzo
Wallpapers are avaliable under the "SPECIAL" section.


There is a Trailer for the show!

And a lot more... xD

I hope i'm not wrong ..[After watching the trailer... it looks a bit.. strange ... lol]

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