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Just watched the raw. It was reccomended to me by a friend who said "If you love Nanoha and Gunslinger Girl this show will be right up your alley."

After seeing it I wonder if he watched it at all or just looked at screenshots.

So here's my opinion.

The good: The animation is extremely solid and the short training exercise is pretty good. If you are into fighter craft it's apparently pretty cool to see your favourite planes symolized by cute girls. I don't really care about planes but I do like guns so it was cool from that aspect.

The medium: Although the characters are likable and interresting it will need a TV series to sufficiently develop such a cast and still retain the story.

The bad: 7 minutes long for over $100cdn. It does come with a figure and a booklet which would make the ultra-short DVD have a solo price of about $40cdn, which is half the price of a normal jp DVD for about 1/6 the animation time. Plain and short, it's a ripoff. However, in this ocean of the internet we can assume not paying for the DVD, and with patience the book and figure will be availible (as they always are) so this may balance out to some. Additionally, to me, the girls in flight mode look pretty rediculous. I've seen many other mechagirl designs which I think would have worked better and would have still been distinguishable as specific aircraft.

Summary: I figure I'm just not in the target market for this so it's big perk of being all for plane buffs is completely lost on me, leaving it at 7 minutes of "it could have been so much better if they did things differently."
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