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Originally Posted by UPR View Post
It is. But the anime was totally a original work, not based on anything.
The anime is based off of the earlier volumes of the manga, albeit with some original material added. The anime ending is completely original work, however, with no relation to the manga.

The Elemental Gelade manga (red) is still on-going, as is Elemental Gelade: Flag of the Blue Sky (blue). It's been speculated that EG Blue proceeds parallel to the events of EG Red, and with the release of EG Blue volume 4, that theory has been confirmed. Whereas Red focuses on Cou, Ren, Cisqua and co., the Blue story stars Melfondo (cisqua's sister), Wolx, and Acheaburca Fuajarl, the princess of the kingdom of Fuajarl.
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