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Originally Posted by cajunman380
ok guys quit it with the shinn vs kira thing because in a show like this both of them can pretty much summon lighting from their hands and annihalate an army and it would be passed off by the director as plausible.

i have an interesting question to pose to you that someone from another forum kept using as an "excuse". dio you think a characters "bankability has anything to do with their importance to the show" or rather would you believe the excuse that kira and athrun got more screentime because they were more "bankable". i find this logic to be utter bs but i like to hear your thoughts on the matter. "should character bankability" be taken seriously as a major factor?
normally that's probably a peice of bull, but with fukuda, it's totally possible. It just seems like he'll go with the most convinient and cost efficient way just so the show could air in time, and that's why we got this kind of junk.
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