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First off, remember that if it doesn't make money, it doesn't go anywhere. At all. All work is a business venture. The point of business priority uno and beyond all other concerns is to make money. If the fans like Kira and Athrun, then Kira and Athrun they will GET. Fukuda just did not have the storytelling capabilities to tell a good story while catering to the fans.

There is a law of writing that states there is no idea shitty enough that a sufficiently talented writer cannot make it work.

There is also a corollary that states that there is no idea brilliant or original enough that a sufficiently inept writer cannot screw it up.

Fukuda had a nice idea going...he just couldn't deliver because he was too inept to make it work. I say had I been the writer, GSD would have been FAR more enjoyable, even given the idea constraints.
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