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Originally Posted by lil shinta
Destiny did not fail, it just suffered from narrow minded fans. It did not follow the normal Gundam formula in terms of story and characters. It is the most un-Gundam like show, outside of Turn A, Gundam X, and G Gundam.

Also, it is the second act to a larger overall story. It is not a self contained story like all of the UC shows.

Any similarities to UC shows is a tribute to Tomino. Actually, the entire show seems to be a tribute to Tomino. For example, the last ending of Destiny is identical to the ending Ideon.
what've you been smoking?
honestly, with the number of rants and complaints this thing is impossible to fathom that's "its the fans fault~". besides, i don't think anyone would care if it followed the conventional gundam series or not, a good show is a good show.
simply put, it wasn't a second act for a larger story. it was just an afterthought for a marketing scam thought up by bandai and given to an illiterate illegitimate son of a muthaf****.
the similiarities weren't a tribute..they show a lack of creativity and laziness. example: genesis, neo-genesis? freedom, strike-freedom? justice, infinite-justice?
providence, legend? notice anything?
i amy accept your reasoning that it may be a tribute..but given the sheer amount of re-used scenes.. it really isn't valid.
no matter how much people argue for GSD,the fact remains that its really a lame excuse for a gundam show.
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