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The recaps were ridiculous, character deaths where there needn't be any (I WANT MIA BACK!!!!), terrible writing on Morosawa's part...

nepotism is BAD. Reused scenes are BAD. The story in and of itself was not terrible...Shinn was problematic as a character due to staying static, but the rest of the story was not bad. There were some other issues that were sorta like Kira deciding to play superhero vs. destroy then getting his Freedom trashed the next fight.

Shinn would have stopped that marauding destroy anyway, if not with Impulse then definitely with Destiny.

Then there are forced eps. 34, here's looking at you. We have to pimp the SF so scratch the Freedom...why not just get back to Orb, launch to space, then have a wing/arm refit? Boom, SF right there. But instead, Shinn did the unthinkable, then was a victim of the unimaginable.
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