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Originally Posted by Aaluaine
could someone please confirms these rumours of there only being 13 episodes to the second term of school RUmble ? ....... i hope not !
Unfortunately, nobody seems to know for sure, at this point. Based on the next episode previews, it seems unlikely. Even if they do stop, it would seem to have to be a temporary "break." There will be more to come.

Originally Posted by kenjiharima
I think harima just pited eri back then knowing she's rich and all and seeing her left by her father alone in the rain. True Path know what they say love is blind. HARIMA EYE!! O_O
Harima has a hard time leaving her alone when she needs help, in any circumstance. As much as he tries to cling to his original set of perceptions about Tenma and Eri, he's more similar to Eri in nature than he would ever care to admit. He's drawn to the lodestone rock, so to speak.
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