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Well I said I wasn't going to do another wallpaper for a while: that wasn't true apparently.

I also said the next one was going to be chibi: that also wasn't true.

Anyways, this is a very special wallpaper from me today. It's one that I very much liked how it turned out. I don't have much time for explanations but for some reason the thought of a "Queen Kairin" really appealed to me. So I did one.

Here's the pic.

The thumbnail (not really a thumbnail since it's so big but, the preview let's call it) shows a bit of aliasing for some reason. Don't let it fool you into thinking that the full res is all jaggedy and such. Download the full res version to see her in all her glory! Btw, yes that's the sun behind it. As I said I'll explain later when I have more time. Until then, please download the wallpaper and enjoy! I worked VERY hard on this to finish it before the banner contest ended. Please remember that. Thanks.

Here are the links as usual:

Be back later!

EDIT: *sigh* as usual I noticed something after I posted the wallpaper. It's fixed now but anyone who downloaded the zips should probably get version 2 to get the fixed version. Sorry about that guys. I guess in my excitement I overlooked something again. I really have to stop that.

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