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Originally Posted by Deathkillz
^ thumbs up mate ^_^ you are truly amazing...*cookie* when i can
Originally Posted by Daniel E.
Excellent stuff !!


Can't wait to see the chibi one.

Thanks you guys. Means a lot. Unfortunately I don't know when I'll get around to the chibi wallpaper. I have to start on the Halloween wallpaper asap to get it down by Oct. 31st. I think it'll have chibi Kairin in it with regular Kairin. Then I pretty much will definately stop doing wallpapers (maybe do a Christmas one) because I have to start my new portfolio to get into college.

Anyways, some promised info about the wallpaper.

Kairin and I were talking about wanting to do some cosplay. I thought it would look awesome if she dressed up to be a queen. Turns out if fit her great. But that alone wasn't going to cut it. So I decided to give her a theme. Queen of the Sun. Yep, that big glowy scary face thing behind her is an abstract sun-thingy. Also the runes drawn on her dress are from an ancient song passed down for centuries about the Sun god.

The dress she's wearing is one used during the ceremony of the Sun god. It depicts the rising sun on her right hand side, with sleeves of sunset. The orb she has in her lap is called the Orb of the Heavens and shows the the Sun from an outerspace-type viewpoint.

The rubies on her crown are called SunFlame rubies. Very hard to find around these parts you know.

And what else can I say? It was a lot of fun designing her outfit + doing the background. This was probably the fastest time I've ever drawn something of this magnitude. Worked almost all day coloring for 7 days is always...interesting. I was afraid that if I rushed things out turn out too sloppy but I believe this was not the case with the picture.

Thanks for your continued support of Kairin-chan, everyone! Until next time!
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