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First of all, bounties reflect threat level not power level. Consider Buggy and Luffy. Buggy has a 15 million bounty, Luffy has a 300 mil beil! There is no way Buggy can win! But Buggy did prove to be a tough opponent for Luffy and consider that 120 mil Zoro cannot even attack Buggy!

Luffy's 300,000,000 beli worked it way up from a 30,000,000. It began when he beat the crap out of the East Blue Pirates, it rose again when defeated Crocodile and it shot all the way up to 300,000,000 after defeating Lucci. So Luffy's bounty increased x100 since the beginning.

Zoro's 120,000,000 increased from 60,000,000. He got a 60,000,000 because he defeated the 100 bounty hunters, it has nothing to do with Mr.1! The government already had a brief idea of Zoro's threat level when he was a bounty hunter.

Nami's 16,000,000 is just sad after defeating Kalifa. But the marines didnt know she defeated so a CP9 so I guess her bounty comes from fighting the marines while waiting for Luffy while he was fight Lucci.

Usopp/Sogeking has a 30,000,000 from being able to snipe marines from afar and from burning down the World Government Flag. I have absolutely no idea how he has a bounty higher than Nami's.

Sanji has 77,000,000 and its kinda obvious why. I think he should have gotten higher though.

Chopper has a 50 beli one cuz they think he is a pet. He couldnt move after defeating CP9( yes seiji- kun he defeated his own opponent) so the marines think hes useless.

Robin got a 1,000,000 beli increase after breaking Spandam's spine.

Franky got a 44,000,000 because he took out alot of marines. He shouldnt have too high a bounty, remember he had a little trouble with Fukurou even with his 3 colas.

Brook has 33,000,000 but that before his current life so it is unknown if it still applies.

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